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Amber Indian Restaurant

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Artie's On The Go

Address: 2442 Central Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46205
Phone: 317-426-2996
Artie's OnTheGo is a service that is being provided in the Indianapolis area for people who desire to fuel their temple.
How it Works:
Every Monday around noon our new menu is released. We offer a wide variety of meats, seafood, veggies, desserts and tons of other great stuff.
The menu is live the entire week and it expires at 5pm every Friday.
Then we are able to shop, prep, cook and plate over the weekend. Your orders will always be delivered the following week so please take that into account when planning your weekly food schedule. Once your food is delivered the new menu will already be released, so it's time to start the awesomeness all over again... It's a vicious cycle...we know!
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