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Garage Doors/Garages

Garage Kings

Phone: 317-431-3645
Garage Kings is About Keeping Floor Coatings Simple. Floor coatings don't have to be complicated!
If you've been browsing through Google and Youtube on your quest to learn about garage floor coatings, you can see there are a ton of options.
Do-it-yourself kits, various epoxy and urethane products. Different advice on how to properly prepare a concrete floor for a coating that will last. You can even find Jay Leno talking about his epoxy floor.
So how do you know what will work the best?
At Garage Kings, we believe we can make your life easier if we keep floor coatings simple:

*Prepping concrete using dust-controlled diamond grinding equipment.
*Keeping job sites as tidy as possible.
*Simple color choices that work with any decor.
*Simple coating systems that are overkill for any garage and designed to last for years.
*Simple guarantees that protect you against your floor coating doing something it shouldn't.

At Garage Kings, we believe simple is better!

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Tiffany Lawn & Garden Supply
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