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Amber Indian Restaurant

Royal Foot Spa

Here are a few Testimonials from our current Coupons4Indy.com Clients:

"Coupons4Indy.com is a great cost-effective advertising for us in the Greenwood Area!"
---- Chris, Aunt Betty's Storage

"Coupons4Indy.com is great .. We get so much business through your website!"
---- Lori, The Gathering Place @ Community Church of Greenwood

"Coupons4Indy.com is the BEST Free Coupon Website ... we get more coupons from them then from any other service!"
---- Owner, So Italian! in Brownsburg

"We now receive more coupons from Coupons4Indy.com than any other coupon service we currently use - even our own mailers!"
---- Owner, Nancy's Pizza - Fishers

"Coupons4Indy.com has helped build our business in McCordsville! We get over 40 coupons per week, just for dinner!"
---- Owner, Kinsey's Italian Cafe

"Coupons4Indy.com is great! We have had great leads from the ads!"
---- Overhead Door Co of Indianapolis

"Coupons4Indy.com is the Best Advertising Service we use for our 3 Pizza locations! The cost is so low, we make our money back in a couple of days with the $5.00 OFF $30.00 purchase coupon!"
---- Sal's Famous Pizzeria

"Coupons4Indy.com is the BEST Coupon Service we use for our Dry Cleaning Business. Great ROI!!"
---- Atlas Cleaners

"Coupons4Indy.com was the BEST price per call advertising that we did for generating business for my painting company in 2012/2013!!"
---- Andy's Elite Pro Painting

"Coupons4Indy.com works great for my Business, especially for the price! We are happy to be working with you and see how many of our customers like to use your services as well!"
---- Once Upon A Child, Speedway

"2012 was the 1st year we did business with Coupons4Indy.com and it was an unbelievable return on investment for us in the Indy market!"
---- Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling

"Coupons4Indy.com brought us tons of business in 2012. Great service for a great price!"
---- Aunt Betty's Storage - Greenwood

"We have been with Coupons4Indy.com for the past few years and it works GREAT for our Downtown Pizza Shop! It is the ONLY place we use for our coupons ... If its not broke, don't fix it!
---- Datsa Pizza - Downtown

"Coupons4Indy.com is great! Just got 3 new clients this WEEK off your site. Love it!"
---- Kiley Thomson Hair Design

"Coupons4Indy.com generates us a ton of business every week! Fisher families love using the website."
---- Rivera Maya Bar & Grill - Fishers

"Coupons4Indy.com is by far the best advertising we use! We get more coupons from their service than any other!"
---- Climb Time Indy

"Coupons4Indy.com is the best advertising service we have ever used for our Auto Repair Shop in Noblesville!!"
---- Alexander's Auto - Noblesville

"Spent $250 in 2011 with Coupons4Indy.com and received over 1000 coupons at my Bar/Restaurant in Carmel! Best coupon service in the area for your return on investment."
---- Stacked Pickle - Carmel

"Coupons4Indy.com was the BEST advertising service we used in 2011!"
---- Vista Massage & Wellness Studio

"We see a TON of coupons from Coupons4Indy.com! It works great for our two Mexican Restaurants."
---- El Rodeo - Geist & Fishers

"Coupons4Indy.com works great for us! We see 4 to 5 coupons a day at our Italian Restaurant in McCordsville."
---- Kinsey's Italian Cafe

"Coupons4Indy.com works great for our Restaurant in Geist! Very low prices and it is now the only coupon service we use!"
---- Apezza at Geist

"Coupons4Indy.com by far brings in the most business out of any advertising service for us."
---- GM, Downtown Rock Bottom Brewery

"Coupons4Indy.com has worked wonderful for us during our first year of business! This will be the only Internet Coupon Service we will do locally."
---- Owner, Baskin Robbins, Greenwood

"Coupons4Indy.com has worked great for bringing in New Clients! I joined in September 2011 for less than $300.00 and in less than 6 weeks I have already made over $3000.00!"
---- Kiley, Harbour Salon & Spa

"Coupons4Indy.com has really helped our Broad Ripple Dry Cleaning Business in 2010/2011!"
---- Bonnie, 40 Minute Cleaners in Broad Ripple

"Coupons4Indy.com generates business for us everyday! We are located on the Southside and Coupons4Indy.com brings us Downtown workers for lunch business!"
---- Wing Stop

"Coupons4Indy.com works very well for my Thai Restaurant in Greenwood. It is the only service we do now.
---- Thai Spice - Greenwood

"Coupons4Indy.com brings clients in our door all the time!
---- A-1 Auto Service

"Coupons4Indy.com works unbelievable for our Fishers/Geist Area Nail Salon. We get coupons everyday and spend under $400.00 per year!
---- Owner, Da Vinci Nail Salon - Fishers

"Coupons4Indy.com is the BEST Advertising Service for your Return On Investment!
---- Owner, Stacked Pickle

"After trying out a few different advertising services in the beginning, we are now only doing business with one, Coupons4Indy.com, and we feel like it has helped build our business to where it is today!
---- Owner, Thai Orchid Restaurant

"Coupons4Indy.com has been a great service for our restaurant for the past 6 years. Patrons on the Southside love Coupons4Indy.com!
---- Owner, Fujiyama Steak House of Japan

"Coupons4Indy.com has been the best coupon service we have used for All our Indianapolis locations.
---- El Rodeo Mexican Restaurants

"I am using a lot of different coupon services and we started with Coupons4Indy.com in 2009 and it is by far the BEST one we use for our bowling alley!
---- Jerry, Hindel Bowling Lanes

"Coupons4Indy.com is the best advertising service we use for our Dippin Dots location in Fishers. Their 1-year cost is what we would spend for 1-month with another service.
---- Dippin Dots - Fishers

"We have been with Coupons4Indy.com since we opened our doors. We get great response from the coupon service and they even developed our website for a very low cost.
---- Izakaya

"We have received a lot of New Patients from advertising on Coupons4Indy.com. The price is unbelievable and the service is so well known with Pet Owners.
---- Windermere Animal Hospital/Sherlock Bones

"We plan on advertising with Coupons4Indy.com forever!
---- China King - Downtown

"Coupons4Indy.com is a great service and so well known in Fishers that we get tons of coupons! The price is great too!
---- Nancy's Pizza - Fishers

"Coupons4Indy.com is by far the most effective coupon service we use for our Eastside Pizza Place!
---- Pasquale's Pizza

"Coupons4Indy.com is the best service I have ever used in the 25 years of working in the auto service and repair industry. The price is very low and has saved my business over ten thousand dollars a year in advertising Castleton Auto Repair around the Indianapolis Area! They also developed my website for an unbeatable price!"
---- Toby, Castleton Auto Repair

"For the price, you can not beat Coupons4Indy.com! It is the BEST Coupon Service we use.
---- Chef Mike's Charcoal Grill

"Coupons4Indy.com is a great money maker for us. After 5 years with them, it is the only coupon service we use now!
---- Indy Deck Magic

" Coupons4Indy.com has been a great advertising service for our Dairy Queen location in Fishers. We receive coupons daily and the cost is one-month of what other services what you to pay!"
---- Owners, DQ Grill & Chill - Fishers

"We have been with Coupons4Indy.com for 6-years and we have seen their business grow to one of the most well known websites for Downtown Restaurant Patrons. We are now getting 50+ coupons per day for Lunch and a ton for Dinner too! We use Coupons4Indy.com for our Downtown and Broad Ripple Locations. "
---- India Garden

"Coupons4Indy.com is by far the best coupon service we use for our Pizza Shop! The cost is very low and we have seen an increase in the coupon redemption for the past 3-years!"
---- Noble Romans - 10th Street

"I just wanted to give everyone a heads up about the success we have had with Coupons4Indy.com ... I just booked the 5th move in 2 weeks off that site.... Keep up the good work!"
---- Joshua, Here To There Movers

"We have been with Coupons4Indy.com since the beginning. The Downtown Workers love the FREE Can Soda coupon and the price is unheard of for 12-months of advertising in a bigger city. We will stay with them forever!"
---- Anita, China King Restaurant, Downtown

"Coupons4Indy.com the best; great service, great results!"
---- DIY Dog Wash

"Coupons4Indy.com has been a great marketing tool for our business. We are a smaller company and the price is perfect!"
---- Forum at Fishers

"Coupons4Indy.com works great for our restaurant. We have been with them for 6-years and they save us a ton of money on advertising! Coupons4Indy.com has gotten very popular on the Southside, which allows our customers quick access to our offers."
---- Sammy's Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar

"We get more coupons from Coupons4Indy.com than any other coupon service we have used in Indianapolis! "
---- China Buffet - Thompson Road

"Coupons4Indy.com is great, especially for Lunch; it brings us tons of lunch business! It's by far the lowest priced advertising that we do. We will continue to do business with Coupons4Indy.com because the residents of Carmel love the service! "
---- Hugh, Greek Tony's Pizza

"We have been with Coupons4Indy.com for 4-years and they are the Lowest Priced & Most Effective Advertising Service we use!"
---- Owner, Mexico City Grill

"We receive TONS of coupons from Coupons4Indy.com! And the service is a no-brainer for us because of the cost. One-year of service with Coupons4Indy.com is about the same as one-month of service with other coupon distribution services through the mail!"
---- Owner Mascari Cleaners

"We have been with Coupons4Indy.com for 7-years now and the service works great for us. We get trash bags full of coupons throughout the year! And the best part is the cost is very low."
---- Bob Gore, Owner of Dairy Queen - 71st & Keystone Ave.

"We have been with Coupons4Indy.com for 5-years, both restaurants, and the service seems to get better every single year! "
---- Dave, Owner of India Palace and Shalimar Restaurants

"Coupons4Indy.com through these tough economic times has kept our Restaurant a float by offering coupons. It is the only advertising service we currently use for our Restaurant."
---- Volcano Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar

"Coupons4Indy.com is the Coupon Service that works the BEST for our Pizza Shop!"
---- Rafael, Greek's Pizzeria - Fishers

"I receive the MOST Coupons thruCoupons4Indy.com Coupon Service for all 2 of my Dry Cleaning Locations than any other Coupon Service that I have used!!"
---- Mike Dixon, Regal Cleaners - Carmel, Noblesville and Pendleton

"Coupons4Indy.com is great! We are getting coupons from their service left and right. Unbelievable Price for a Great Service!"
---- Randy, Lee Adams Tire & Service

"Coupons4Indy.com is the BEST SERVICE I have used since I started my Carpet Cleaning Business. We started getting calls right away! It is ridiculously cheap!!"
---- Mike, American Carpet Cleaners

"We could not believe the price! We receive coupons all day long, for both Lunch and Dinner. We were able to cut back on our advertising cost by not having to run coupons in the mail anymore!"
---- New Taste China Buffet

"Coupons4Indy.com has helped to increase our lunch crowd tremendously at our Carmel and Geist Locations. We receive "tons" of coupons weekly from Coupons4Indy.com!"
---- Subway Carmel

"We joined Coupons4Indy.com only 6 weeks ago and now (8/27/05) we are receiving close to 50 coupons per week."
---- Lee's Cleaners

"Coupons4Indy.com has proven to be an effective marketing tool for us. We are generating thousands of dollars in reservations from redeemed coupons. And we are receiving a ton of traffic from their website linking to our website."
---- Dan Fahrner, Sybaris Suites

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El Rodeo
Advance Automotive
Majestic Foot Spa - Fishers
Olio Nail & Spa
Tiffany Lawn & Garden Supply
La Cabana
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The Nail Studio
Sunflower Spa
Jet's Pizza - Southside
Pasquale's Pizza & Pasta

Advanced Auto - Avon